A custom ticketing tool that helps you create an easier, safer experience when it's time to reopen.

Built for mobile use, TurnStyle helps you convert web traffic into guests, lets you manage crowds more effectively and opens new avenues for donations and memberships.

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Timed Entry

With granular access and time-overlap detection, control the flow of traffic into your facility:

  • By Membership
  • By Venue, Exhibit or Special Requirements
  • By Date & Time
  • By Volume & Capacity

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Since 2006, Lifeblue has been providing customized digital experiences for the Arts & Culture space.  

No Crowds

Guests can choose a specific entry time and check out when they leave so your crowd never gets too big.

Give them a bar code on their phones for access – including admission, parking and exhibit entry – so you don’t have to handle tickets.

No Touching

No Wandering

Give your guests expert advice to plan their experience so their itinerary guides them safely from start to finish.

Want to help your guests plan their day with you and guarantee their experience would be safer?

Let's make sure you can welcome them back safely.


of members and potential visitors say they will return to arts & culture locations when restrictions are lifted.

Proudly helping arts and culture venues deliver a safe, comfortable experience

Integrated directly with Ticketing Platforms, TurnStyle provides you with the data you need at your fingertips.

FREE While You Reopen

We know you're facing unprecedented challenges right now and you're looking for savings everywhere you can find them. That's why we are charging no monthly fees until September while you reopen.

Flexible For Your Future

Arts and Culture organizations come in many different sizes.  With both fixed-fee and variable pricing, our plans grow and scale as you do.

Until September 2020

Options for both large and small organizations

Let's Work Together

Pricing & Options


Customized Packaging

Increase conversions with unique packages and specials made specifically for your guests.

Enjoy the flexibility to let visitors choose from predefined packages or create their own experiences, letting you gain insights from the choices they make.

Do away with paper tickets entirely by delivering passes directly to smartphones.

Integrated directly with N-Scan and any other QR code or barcode scanner, TurnStyle helps you keep track of entrances and exits, with a complete picture of access points.

Mobile Ticketing

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Built With Your Business In Mind

Save time and build a stronger bottom line so you can focus on the future.

Seamless Integration

Get up and running quickly with your own branding; no coders or developers needed.

We use your existing site and standards to create a fully immersive experience for your guests, complete with your voice, tone and style.

We have seen up to a 300% increase in conversion as TurnStyle helps organizations engage with customers in new ways.

Encourage donations, membership, up-sells and provide overall value to visitors at just the right time.

Increase Revenue

Your Data, Your Way

TurnStyle Features



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